Camping Must Haves

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Are you an outdoor lover or want to be!? Coleman has the perfect items to get you started or for anyone with some experience up their sleeves. We got a few things this past week and couldn’t wait to have a little night out. We have a huge yard and for the kids it’s so much fun to camp in the back yard. We gave our new items a test and had some outdoor backyard camping adventure.


We set up our new tent. We have the 2 for 1 All Day Dome 4.  This tent is a great tent for those perfect summer nights. You can put the shelter over the tent to protect it from the elements if you run into some.  The top is all screened in. So on a clear summer night. You could fall asleep looking at the stars and without worrying about bugs getting you. I am a huge astronomy nerd. I love the stars, so this feature is a huge reason why I go camping. I want to be as close to the outdoors as possible but in a comfortable way, like not being eatten alive by bugs. The shelter that easily goes over the top is a great things to have for those unexpected summer rains. Guys, it’s seriously awesome and one of my favorite tents since it let’s me see the night sky in a comfortable none buggy way.


I also got the Pack Away Puck Light 250 and a water tight container.  This little light is awesome. It has different settings. So you can easily set it next to you on a make shift table. We usually bring a crate to carry our stuff in and then use that as a table too. You can also hang it up. So place it in the middle of the tent and you can hit the bottom button till its shinning down or right where you want it. It’s a super nifty little thing. The water tight container may see like why bring it if we aren’t near the water. Well we keep our wallets, keys, phones and medicine in it if needed. Those are the last items we want to get wet or moist. So it’s perfect for those days out on the water but great to use all the time. We also bring it to the beach with us to keep our important stuff from becoming riddles with sand or water.


Lastly we got a air bed. Yes, some may look at this as cheating. Well when we can’t use one, it’s no big deal. When we can use one it’s like amazing. We got the aerobed Queen Air Mattress with Duvet. Put this baby in the All day dome tent and we have first class camping. It blows up really fast and easy. There is a button you can release some air so you get the perfect firmness for you. It’s a great mattress plus the Duvet cover is so soft. It’s also super easy to clean. It just un zips off and toss it into the laundry after your done.


These are some wants and must haves. The tent and shelter cover is one of my favorites, so many ways to get use out of it. The light and container are easily used even when not camping, like the beach, ghost stories around the family campfire, and more. The air mattress while it’s an awesome luxury for camping, we also get use out of it for when we have people stay at our home or the kids have a sleep over and all our spare beds are taken.

Check out Coleman and their brands for lots of goodies. Also share with me some of your camping stories or must haves.


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