Diaper Genie Expressions (Must Have)

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I love matching things. Everything needs to be in order and match when I am able. The new Playtex Baby Diaper Genie Expressions now helps me match my Diaper Genie to my nursery! The new Diaper Genie Expressions comes with five sleeves to help you match it to your favorite spot in the house. It is the same amazing product now with awesome new designs! If you are looking for the perfect thing to put on your baby registry or to buy the perfect gift for that new mom in your life.



Diaper Genie is the number one disposal system for you all your dirty diapers! Your nursery will smell fresh and clean from odors when you use the Diaper Genie system. The Diaper Genie’s one handed design makes it super easy to use and perfect for caring for baby. Just lift the li and toss the dirty diaper away! The Diaper Genie holds approximately 34 newborn diapers and the Diaper Genie refill holds up to 100 newborn diapers. The 7 layer refill bag with barrier technology locks in odors and germs. The average baby dirties 9,600 diapers in their first 3 years of life. That is a lot of diapers and what better way to dispose of your babies diapers then in the Diaper Genie! It also contains a built in odor controlling antimicrobial and double air tight clamps to help seal in odors. The bags are easy to change too!


The diaper genie sometimes gets over looked. Like I don’t really need that. Well When you start changing 20 diapers a day and they start to pile up, the diaper genie will be an amazing essential to have. Plus you can toss one right in your living room like I did here and no one will really notice it or smell it.

(The designs you can choose from are awesome!)


Having a diaper disposal system is essential when you have a child in diapers! Using a trash can makes a room smell quickly! Choosing the Diaper Genie is a great choice and having it match your nursery decor is a huge plus! You can find out more infer about Diaper Genie at Playtex Baby to find the right system for your needs! You can also find them at many baby retailers.


Read more about the Diaper Genies HERE.


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