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(Post is brought to you by Sheetz, All opinions are mine and mine alone.) #Ad #Sheetz #Sheetzfreak


Recently I have been taking up offers on a lot of day trips. School is just about to start, so fitting everything in is kinda crazy. You know what, I am mom and make it work. While we are on our adventures and hauling around kids, there is gonna be a ton of stops. Stops to use the bathroom, stops for drinks, stretch your legs, and also something to munch on. We always stop at Sheetz. You can call us Sheetz Freaks, truly we are.


We stop there for gas too, can’t forget that. Most important aspect of a road trip! We recently went to Baltimore and checked out the aquarium and Ripley’s. Can I say it was amazing? O, and don’t bring a 3 year old into Ripley’s. Funny story but they have tunnels you can crawl in and it looks like an underground subway. Well I fit my big butt in those tunnels only after my son came screaming out the other side. When you go under them, it sets off a sound that makes it seem like you are under a subway. My son was not expecting that, so funny though! One of those times you are hugging them and saying it’s ok, while secretly trying to hold in the laughing.


We stocked up for our day trip on some snacks, drinks, and got a big breakfast before we even came down. The kids were able to choose just about whatever they wanted from Sheetz’s MTO order screens. The kids love this, they get to pick what they want. No mom saying, whatever I make, you eat. So naturally they wanted smoothies, you know what why not! We also got some amazing breakfast sandwiches. We stocked up on snacks for our short car ride, used the bathrooms before the ride and pumped a full tank of gas!


Now in our snack bags, we had chips, drinks, some candy you know for the kids, also some fruit! I love the healthy options we get to choose from too, as well as the other goodies. We can go in and grab a banana or a fresh fruit cup.

When we were in the middle of our Baltimore trip, we sat on a bench right next to the water on the Inner Harbor. I will also say, if you play Pokemon Go, Sheetz is a great place and things always pop up. And the the Inner Harbor is filled with Pokemon and people playing.


We had so much fun on our little day trip and plan to take a few more. With quick and easy options for food to go, snacks, gas and bathrooms, Sheetz is a solid choice – check to see if it’s in route to your destination. It’s a stop where everyone will be happy!



My favorite MTO snacks

MAC & Cheese with any topping you want, amazing.

Cheese curds with the Boom Boom Sauce

Any of their shakes or smoothies

Spicey Chicken Salad (I make my own with corn, chicken, rice & beans, and other salad fixings, also get the Jalapeno Ranch)

The kids love the french fries and pizza

My husband loves the MTO meal dealz (gets them for lunch while he’s working a lot)


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