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 Have you thought of kayaking? Maybe you already own a Kayak. I am talking about people who Kayak recreationally. The people that do it for a living, (or fun) bless you and your adrenaline rush for white water!


Anyway, I love kayaking and am so glad I took the plunge to try it. I tried it first at the Bay next to the ocean. I don’t recommend this for your first outing unless you like to live on the wild wet side! My first time was there and I was nervous, doubting myself but started to do it and it was a blast.  The most important thing I have learned since my first trip is how important it is for waterproof stuff!


We went and had a SOT kayak (Sit on top) Yes, you will learn this lingo. Well I had it implanted in my head I wanted that kind of kayak. Ask me what I won now? I own a sit in kayak. I suppose if I lived somewhere warm all year I may still of gotten a SOT. I live in PA and we have seasons. So figured It would give me a shot to kayak into Fall.

(The places you’ll go and find) 


Anyway! After starting out and experiencing different locations. These are somethings I never leave the house without.

1.) Must Haves. Kayak, Registration(If your state permits it, mine does, so I got one) Life Jacket that is coast guard approve. Whistle! Don’t forget a paddle! These are must haves ALWAYS, for safety and legal reasons. (Whistle, Paddle, Life jacket, Registration)

2.) White Light. If you plan to be outside on the water at night or late into the evening, you will need a white light. Now I am always over prepared and bring a few. I have a head lamp, lantern, and smaller lights. Now you sometimes can’t see in front of you at all even with the lights. PLUS bugs! I had the experience. So if you like to spend, maybe get a light that will allow you to see way ahead of you as well. WE also bring Glow sticks, when we star gaze!


3.) Water proof SOFT cooler. I never thought I’d consider buying a pricey cooler but trust me it’s worth it. I flipped my kayak with a normal soft cooler in it and everything was soaked. Goes back to my rule of thumb, everything waterproof. Even the cooler because it will happen. I found Polar Bear Coolers and plan to purchase one because, It’s a must need for me! You may think, I don’t need it. Well you may not but I love going out for hours at a time. While other ways may keep things dry, it won’t be cool. When it’s a hot day, every penny will be worth it to you.

4.) Dry Bags. I don’t care if you get a 5 gallon one of a 25 gallon one! You need at least one. I keep my small medical kit, tylenol, small lights, car keys, and anything else that is important in it. I bring it with me when I got out for an hour or 8 hours. Always be prepared. Better to not need something then to need it. Mother nature is unpredictable and you need to not take that for granted. I currently own SealLine brand and they have been amazing. No problems, easy, and do what they need too. They have a variety of sizes, fabrics, etc.

5.) Water shoes. You may think nah, nope not me! I don’t do those. If you purchase a kayak, purchase a pair of these as well. One you never know when you’ll flip or want to get out. Two its way more easy to climb or walk on super slippery or big rocks. Three if you hate the feeling of sinking in a foot deep mud, this really helps with the fear or whatever you think is down there hiding. Our rivers in some spots have deep mud and It freaks me out. They have been a blessing for me for so many things. I don’t let the fear or stepping on something get in the way of adventure. I can say the one time I wore flip flops, I fell flat on my back while carefully walking across a slippery rock. I actually bought better water shoes after that. I won a pair of J Sport now.


Kayaking is an easy watersport to take on and much more on the affordable side of  “water sports”. While it is fun and easy for a lot of people. Always be aware of your surroundings, river currents, rise of water, weather, and more. When you are safe, you have a ton of fun. It’s a ton of fun and even kids can come. They do make kid size kayaks. Kayaking lets you get into different areas of a river or lake you wouldn’t normally be able to swim or boat too. Do your research. You don’t need a $1,000 boat.

Boats are like shoes, sit in one and you’ll know when it fits and feels good. 



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