Fast and Easy Homestyle Soup

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Fall is here and in some states it’s still getting up in the 80s! Ouch! Well it will be cold and well be wishing it was that odd warm weather again. Well when it gets cold, I love soup. It’s a comfort and happy feeling when the season arrives. Sometimes with the kids, animals, family, Holiday stuff, It’s hard to cook a hearty full meal. So I love stocking up on Progresso Homestyle soups. They are easy, fast, and healthy solutions to a busy day. They gave you the comfort and taste your looking for. With so many different kinds of soup, you’ll find one you love.


When shopping at Walmart, it’s really easy to spot. Find the soup isle and you’ll know from the blue and big Progresso letters you found the right stuff. They include quality ingredients including antibiotic free, all white meat chicken.


For quick dinners I love heating up some Progresso soup and sometimes adding some biscuits to the oven. The whole family loves it and we all have our favorite soups. We even add rice once in awhile to our soups or cheese. YES, My kids love crackers too.

So you don’t have to just heat up the soup and be on your way to the table. Make it interesting, put a spin on it. Add cheese, include fun crackers, or ever put the soup over rice & chicken. there are so many ways to enjoy this. head over to your local Walmart and look around. What kinds do you love or want to try!


You can even make a recipe with the soup, Add it into your rice and stir it. Add a nice amount to the plate and add a piece of grilled chicken cooked in a nice grill from grillsarena. Dig in and enjoy it.



  1. Stafford says:

    I’ve had these before. The best is to add some fresh lemon juice and it tastes just like mom’s homemade soup!

  2. Looks so delicious!

  3. Barbara Montag says:

    I am all for fast and easy.
    Progresso is a brand name that I trust.

  4. I love progresso. I actually look foward to the cooler months so i have an excuse to eat it. It’s just too hot in summer.

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