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We have all heard that starting your baby off with their development early is the way to go. A musician dad created Nuryl, the first and only music app that boosts your baby’s cognitive development. This app offers music curriculum for babies that are five months prenatal to two years old.


Lots of research has gone into this app and it uses what is called High Information Music. If you have never heard of High Information Music, it is simply music that is complex, unpredictable and highly melodic. In short, it is designed to activate multiple regions of baby’s brain at the same time in order to boost cognition.


We all have that image of headphones on the baby bump when the baby is still in mommy’s tummy. Listening is at it’s peak for learning during the womb age and up to two years old. You can fully customize the Nuryl app to jump start your child’s cognitive development. This is totally the first of it’s kind and is really quite remarkable. We all want our children to get ahead and this is one way to help with that.

Rick Beato, the creator behind the Nuryl app, is classically-trained in music and is a producer and former professor. He created this program when his wife became pregnant with their son. A video of his son has since gone viral that features him able to be pitch perfect and recreate notes and chords by ear. His son, Dylan, also has a great memory, advanced math skills and a special aptitude for foreign language.


Parent and child both interact with this app which makes it different then others out there. You will be tapping out rhythms and bouncing along with the beat in order to help your child connect with the music.

Nuryl works simply because when babies are born they have billions of neurons primed and ready to learn. Rapid learning is possible during this young age. Music is the catalyst of this app but Nuryl also wants to help with attention span, improved memory, stronger reasoning, and a better predisposition to foreign languages. Also helped with the Nuryl app is pitch perception, reading skills, verbal working memory and pattern recognition.

Starting your child off at a young age in using their brain in all facets is important. It’s amazing what your child is able to learn and retain if they are just given the chance when they are young and their brain is like a sponge. 

2016-11-22-08-36-27-amNuryl is delivered through a mobile app annual subscription for $89.99 or monthly subscription for $9.99 and can be downloaded from the Apple app or Google Play stores.  GET STARTED


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