iPhone 7 Gear

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If your anyone that follows social media or the next new iPhone then you know of the iPhone 7. Well a lot of people already have one, not including me. I’m still on the iphone 6s plus. So Maybe I’m just waiting for the Sssssss version to appear. (LOL) Anyway the iPhone 7 needs protection against us. I myself can not go a day without dropping it or holding onto it. Having a case on it is a plus. It gives me a shot of it not breaking if I drop it! So The Jimmy Case has the perfect case for anyone who uses their phone more then their wallet.

You can get a iPhone 7 wallet case and let me tell you how awesome it is. It doubles as a money holder and phone case. It’s really sleek and it comes in so many colors. It can hold up to 6 cards and some cash. It has full frame protection and genuine Mahogany Core. It’s also handmade in America, offers a 30 day no risk guarantee, and more.

If your anything like my dad you won’t need a wallet with this case. He usually only has his cash on him and a card. I don’t know how he does it. I always have like 10 million stores cards, debit, credit, ID and more. But for a day out I can certainly limit what I fit into my case for the day. This case would of been perfect for a trip to the amusement park.Check them out and everything they offer.


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