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Ah, Valentines Day! There are a lot of cards switching hands this time of year. This is a great time to not only give your partner a card but also other loved ones. Let the kids send the grandparents a card. Maybe get your kids a card. It’s so much fun to open a real card now a days. Greeting Card Universe has a variety of cards for all occasions. For Valentines they have the perfect card for just about everyone.

Do your kids have a favorite teacher, there is a card that says so! Maybe your kids have several teachers, it’s a great thing Greeting Card Universe is so cheap! They usually have a sale going on as well. Also offer free shipping sometimes too. This weekend (Jan 29th, 2017) They have free shipping on 5+ cards. Thats a great deal, especially when the cards are so affordable. Get everyone a card at school, even the office staff. Those peeps work hard too.

Grab a card for your pastor or priest. They have cards for them too! They are really simple and thoughtful. Grab some cards for your kid to give their best friends an extra special one. They have so many selections for different situations. Grab a funny card for a friend, about wine? Get a Valentines card for the mail people. They deliver the mail but it’s totally fun to give them one back, for them!

Greet Card Universe is so useful and affordable. Head on over this holiday and grab one or grab 10!



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