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*Disclosure: I have received product free for post. These thoughts are solely my own.

Newborns are born into this world needing comfort. They just spent the last 40-ish weeks inside their mothers womb all snug, cozy, and warm. When they are born they need to learn all about their new found freedom. As new, and seasoned, parents we have a natural sense of worry. I know personally that my biggest worry was at night when my babies were sleeping. We let this guard down as we sleep and aren’t watching our baby the whole time. If I could purchase a product that took some of this fear away, I absolutely would, not only for my new baby’s benefit but so I could sleep easier as well.

The Crescent Womb gives your baby that feeling like they are still in the womb. It has an ergonomic design that naturally represents your embrace. It is designed with a natural, breathable, mesh design to promote a healthy environment regardless of your baby’s movement. Traditional mattresses put your baby at risk for flat head syndrome; using the Crescent Womb helps prevent this. Some babies have that startle reflex, getting so startled they wake themselves up; Crescent Womb can help babies self soothe and prevent them from waking up due to its design. Because of the design it helps baby regulate its body temperature so they do not over heat which has been linked to SIDS. It is also extremely versatile, it is easy to move for the those that travel and helps give your baby consistency.

With infant mortality rate growing, and accidental asphyxiation being the lead cause, Crescent Womb wants every child to sleep safely and made it their goal to donate 10,000 units by the end of 2017. You can make this possible by purchasing your Crescent Womb today! You can purchase it for 99.99 USD HERE.


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