Vaping Vs. Cigarettes

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Looking, Smelling and Feeling Good: Vaping Vs. Cigarettes

Cigarettes and vaping are connected with a craving that is satisfying to address. However, cigarette smokers have to deal with more unsightly and unwanted qualities, such as the smell attached to the pastime. Aside from improved internal health, vapers enjoy leaving cigarettes behind for a number of reasons.

Yellow Tint

Those who smoke cigarettes create a yellow tint on their teeth and nails. Furthermore, a smoker’s drapes are affected in addition to pillows, books, etc. It’s due to chemicals found in tobacco and emitted through the smoke. Vaping does not involve such chemicals, so smokers do not have to worry about an unsightly yellow tint.

Foul Odor

You can’t miss a cigarette smoker. The foul odor of smoke is a telltale sign of the addiction. Some take-up menthol cigarettes that feature a minty flavor and scent. However, there’s little improvement as to how a smoker smells to others. On the contrary, vapor doesn’t cling to a person’s clothes like cigarette smoke.

More Wrinkles

No one can reverse aging altogether, yet we know overexposure to sunlight and smoke will increase the likelihood of getting them and sooner. While vapor is not healthy for the skin, it does not pose a threat to one’s skin cells like tobacco smoke and associated chemicals.

Increased Scarring

Those who quit cigarettes enjoy better blood circulation. Vaping is better for circulation and thus will not impede healing. Due to the obstruction of healthy blood flow, cigarette smokers could experience more scarring and take longer to heal from wounds.

Poor Health

Those who smoke cigarettes have poorer health on average than those who vape. Aside from poorer blood circulation, smokers suffer a blow to the immune system, the area of the body responsible for warding off disease and fighting colds and flu. Vape juice does not contain the harmful chemicals found in cigarettes responsible for a range of illnesses and diseases.

Bad Taste

As mentioned, some cigarette brands have used minty flavoring to entice users. However, most can agree that cigarettes taste awful. On the other hand, e-juice suppliers pride themselves on a range of flavors. Get Clown eliquids online and at your favorite local stores. You won’t hear a vape user complaining of foul taste.

No Support

Cigarette smokers don’t band together other than being huddled outside to catch a quick fix. However, those who make it ‘to the other side’ find a huge support group in those who now vape (aka former cigarette smokers). Once you make the switch, it’s easy to find those who are willing to help you stay away from cigarettes.

Less Tech

Cigarette smokers have access to a number of apps but those devoted to vaping are a bit more involved and interesting. For instance, some apps allow users to calculate their savings as well as take a look at their improved health since adopting vaping and ridding themselves of cigarettes. Other apps help vapers with their mods as well as provide suggestions on making one’s own coil.


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