8 Coffee Houses in Prague

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8 Coffee Houses in Prague

Prague, like many European cities, is a great abundance of different coffee houses, where excellent coffee is made and a special atmosphere prevails. Coffee is served with delicious breakfasts and snacks. Since many of these coffee houses are not quite in sight or even hidden, here is a couple of places where you can start your Prague morning or hide from the crowd during a break and drink a cup of hot beverage.

1. Super Tramp Coffee

It is located in the center of Prague, in the courtyard of one of the Czech universities.

On weekdays, it is possible to get there from both sides: from the side of Národní třidy or from another side of passage of Spalena. On the weekend, you can come in only through the second entrance. The lovely staff will offer you coffee with homemade cookies with pecans or with salt, as well as muffins, bruschetta with goat cheese and other homemade delicious snacks. The territory is something special. Yes, it is small but very cool! Inside there are several tables, and outside there is a garden with tables and lamps above them. Imagine how cozy it is in the warm evening in the summer. In addition to coffee, you can also take a delicious wine, cider, and beer.

2. Cafe-Café

It is located in the very center of Prague. Besides drinks, there is a small but delicious menu, for example, risotto with tiger shrimps in a hot and sweet sauce is just amazing! Cafe-cafe is the meeting place of the Prague “elite” but, despite all the chic and mood of this place, the prices are acceptable and average for Prague. The cafe has a Parisian spirit thanks to marble round tables and bohemian interiors.

3. Café Louvre

This place is very popular among tourists and this is quite understandable: thanks to its history and famous personalities who visited the cafe in due time. Breakfast is for every taste in the Louvre. It is very tasty and very atmospheric place and if you want to make Russian girl fall in love with you, show her this amazing place. It’s also perfect for making a proposal.

4. Café Amandine

There is a lot of Paris in Prague: a huge number of French bakeries and cafes. It’s great if like to enjoy two favorite cities at one time! Cafe Amandine offers delicious breakfasts and good coffee. The plates are big, the tables are round and the croissants are melted in the mouth, its perfect for the morning off! It is located in the center near Karlovo náměstí.

5. I need Coffee

It is a small coffee house with a wonderful interior and delicious coffee. It is also close to Karlovo náměstí. In the morning, there is a little choice of breakfasts, as well as sweet and savory snacks. It is a great place to sit alone or with a four-legged friend, drink coffee and read a book.

6. Twenty 7 and Phill’s corner

Two coffee houses of the same owner with a very similar menu and interior, are almost on one street. For breakfast, both places are ideal, the coffee is wonderful, the interior is very homely and cozy. In order to get there, you need to choose one of the trams and go away a little bit from the center. Prices are very pleasant for food and coffee.

7. Farm Letna

It is a fashionable place with a beautiful interior, where is nothing superfluous. For breakfast, there are offered different kinds of pancakes, French toasts, and all are served with tasty syrups and fresh fruits. The menu has a lot of everything else. Prices are slightly above average.

8. Mistral café

One of those places that are important for you for many years. The cafe is very light and all green, and in the second room there are huge windows overlooking the garden. Everything is delicious there – food and drinks.


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