Seven Cosmetic Procedures That Will Get You Swimsuit Ready

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Make a Splash at the Beach This Summer – Seven Cosmetic Procedures That
Will Get You Swimsuit Ready

Swimsuit season can be a reason to show off the body in an itsy bitsy
bikini or grab the terrycloth cover-up.  Suddenly, those spider veins, bulges and sagging
body parts that have been hiding under layers of winter clothes are on full

The impulse is to jump start a diet and exercise plan.  The reality,
however, is no Pilates class or low carb diet can fix Aunt Ellen’s saddlebags or your
mother’s size A cup breasts.  Genetics and age-related hormonal changes will always be
at work. Thanks to advances in cosmetic surgery there are plenty of procedures that
can enhance your appearance.  Here, just in time for summer, are seven of the
most popular, some of which are so minimally invasive you can hit the beach
within a few days of being treated.

The Lunchtime Quickie

If you’re close to your ideal body weight but fighting fat on your thighs,
tummy,flanks, bra roll or arms, Coolsculpting is an option.  This FDA approved
technology safety and effectively freezes fat to improve the contour of those nasty
bumps and bulges that are resistant to exercise and diet.  Within four to 12 weeks
after the treatment, the body eliminates the crystallized frozen cells, giving patients
visible and long-lasting results.

“Because Coolsculpting only takes a couple hours, this is one of the
procedures patients can do on their lunch hour and then head back to work,” says Dr.
George Bitar, an award-winning plastic surgeon based in Northern Virginia who has
performed more than 10,000 cosmetic surgeries.

For stubborn fat, a more aggressive approach would be liposuction. The
results are immediate and allow for better contouring.  Doctors can even use the
liposuction for abdominal etching, creating a perfectly natural looking six-pack abs in
roughly an hour.

Get a Smooth Tummy and Defined Arms

With significant weight loss, pregnancy and aging it’s not uncommon to
have loose skin.  “A tummy tuck, which takes roughly two to three hours, will tighten
the abdominal muscles to create that firm, sleek stomach, and waistline.”,
says Dr. Larry Lickstein, a Harvard-educated, board certified plastic surgeon at
the Bitar Cosmetic Surgery Institute in Northern Virginia.  For that hanging skin
that looks like “bat wings,” an arm lift is often advised.  It involves removing
excess skin and residual fat to create a firmer arm.  It can even be combined with
liposuction for a more defined look.

Show Off Your Cleavage

Google trends report breast augmentation is highest between June and
August.  For the procedure, the scar can be placed either in the under-arm (axillary),
the crease under the breast, or at the lower border of the areola.

According to Dr. Bitar, who specializes in the auxiliary breast
augmentation, there are many advantages to this approach.  “Muscle and breast tissue are not
cut, there is also minimal bleeding, less scarring and a shorter recovery time with
minimal complications,” he says.  “The milk ducts are not touched, so the risk of
losing the ability to breast feed after a breast implant with this approach is

Look Good Coming and Going

Women now not only want to be fit and toned, but they want Kim Kardashian’s
derriere.  The Brazilian butt lift is a relatively simple procedure where
the fat is harvested from the belly and around the buttocks through liposuction and
reinjected to create a heart or ideal round shape. The procedure yields natural
results with minimal recovery time.

Wear Short Shorts with Style

Dread showing your legs?  There are vein treatments to fix those ugly blue
and red veins that spread across your legs as you age.  Sclerotherapy, for
example, involves injecting the veins with a saline solution.  The veins then scar and are
reabsorbed into the body. In most cases, the treated veins will fade within a few weeks.

Finally, before you undergo any procedure, do your research.  Make sure
the surgeon has done hundreds if not thousands of procedures and is affiliated with a
good hospital. Also, think twice before traveling abroad for cheaper surgery.
As Dr. Bitar advises his patients, “Three things you don’t want to compromise on:
your parachute, your scuba gear, and your plastic surgery!”


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