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*Disclosure: I have received products free for review. These thoughts are solely my own.*

I take special care into choosing what products I put into my body while I am pregnant. I try and eat healthier and and use better products. Pink Stork is the perfect company for all my natural and organic pregnancy needs. Pink Stork started with Amy, a mom of 4 who didn’t have the easiest pregnancies and by her fourth pregnancy she knew she needed something to make it smooth sailing and healthier for her body. She battled HG with all her pregnancies and has made numerous products for morning sickness, gut health, and over all healthy living during pregnancy.

My absolute favorite product is the Whole Food Prenatal vitamin Spray. That’s right a SPRAY! I don’t know about you but I hate taking a pill every day. I forget, or chewing and swallowing it makes me nauseous, and it just does not end well. There is just something about using the spray that triggers my memory to use it everyday. It tastes good and is so convenient that I never want a pill again!

Another favorite of mine is the Pregnancy Bath Flakes. Who doesn’t love a soothing bath while you are pregnant? Between the back pain, the hip pain, and just my body being plain tired, we could use nothing more then a relaxing bath. These flakes are 100% organic magnesium from the Dead Sea in Israel. You can use this as a foot soak or a whole bath soak to help ease aches and pains, morning sickness and help aid in sleep. Everything we need to help us feel a little more fabulous.

Pink Stork also makes after delivery products that are perfect for the breastfeeding mom that wants a milk producing aide and to keep their bodies healthy while nursing. You can continue to take your prenatal spray and they have a great Liquid Gold Tea to help in milk production. They are just a one stop shop for all of your pre and post natal products and everything is affordable! Go check out their website to find products that fit your lifestyle!


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