Avoiding Accidents and Breakdowns On The Road

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Breaking down in the car is nothing short of a nightmare. If you’re lucky, you’ll breakdown in a quiet street, or somewhere you can easily get the car off the road and out of harm’s way. If you’re unlucky, it could happen in the middle of the motorway, on an island or another busy fast road- putting you and your car in serious jeopardy. While sometimes things can spontaneously go wrong, there are actually plenty of things you can do to keep your car in good condition and prevent it from breaking down. Here are a few points to bear in mind.

Do Regular Vehicle Checks

Doing regular checks of your vehicle, especially before long journeys help you spot any potential problems. Do all of the bulbs work? If an indicator bulb has blown, for example, you could end up inadvertently misleading other road users and cause an accident. If your engine oil has run out, it could affect the performance of your car leading to a breakdown. Even something as simple as the windscreen wipers not clearing your window properly could obstruct your vision. Don’t take your chances with these things. Checking bulbs, fluid levels and tyres every now and again doesn’t take long but could prevent you from breaking down.

Go For Car Servicing’s

Don’t wait until your annual MOT or for things to go wrong to have your car looked at by a professional. Car servicings allow any potential issues to be spotted early, at a stage where they are cheaper and easier to fix. It gives you peace of mind that everything is running as it should, and allows you to get any issues repaired. Rather than waiting until your MOT and being hit with a load of repairs all at once!

Buy a Newer Model

Some old cars are incredibly reliable, we all know someone who’s been driving an old banger for the last twenty odd years and has had very little issues with it. However, for the most part, older cars will always mean more repairs. When the parts have been around for a long time and are heavily worn it will of course mean more things going wrong and needing to be fixed. Buying a newer model will generally mean you have a more reliable. If you can’t afford to buy outright, you could look into various lease deals to see what works for you. That way you can pay for the car each month and spread the cost.

Keep an Eye on The Fuel Level

You could have the best, most reliable car in the world- but if you run out of fuel, it’s going to break down. Breakdown companies receive calls every single day due to people running out and breaking down, and it shouldn’t be the case since it’s completely avoidable. Plan your journeys carefully, and don’t take chances. Whenever your car reaches a quarter of a tank of fuel, go and fill it up!



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