Breakfast Ideas For Back To School #Honeycomb

 Brought to you by Honeycomb. All opinions are mine and mine alone. #Honeycomb

Breakfast just got bigger. Nothing to crazy just bringing back an older favorite, Honeycomb cereal. My family loves cereal at all times of the day, not just for breakfast. The biggest thing I deal with when coming up with breakfast ideas is something thats good and fast. It never hurts to go back to something that may “seem” plain but it’s far from it. Less is more. With honeycomb its delicious by itself and also with some of our favorite pairings. We sometimes toss some cut up strawberries on top or bananas. My kids also LOVE to snack on them on car rides right from a baggy.

                           Make breakfast bigger then ever! Classics never go out of style. Honeycomb has big honey flavor and a huge crunch. Perfect for anytime of day. The cereal combines sweetened corn and unique hexagonal shapes with big honey flavor, making it a staple for kids and cereal lovers nationwide. Honeycomb’s one-of-a-kind big shape si perfect too for sharing. Every bite is bursting with honey flavor!

When you are browsing down the cereal isle looking for something that the kids will love. Don’t forget about the oldie but goodie Honeycomb. It’s perfect for any time of day and o so honey yummy!

Check out the Honeycomb Hide out and more info HERE.


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Leave a comment below on any memories you have for this cereal.Feel free to share and comment each time you do share! Include hashtag #honeycomb




  1. shelly peterson says:

    I loved eating this cereal as a kid and still enjoy it.
    cshell090869 at aol dot com

  2. shelly peterson says:

    cshell090869 at aol dot com

  3. shelly peterson says:
  4. shelly peterson says:

    cshell090869 at aol dot com

  5. I remember eating them as young child with my sister.
    dlatany at gmail dot com

  6. I remember eating Honeycomb with family members, great memories.

  7. Jessica To says:

    I remember we could have either Corn Flakes or Honey Comb as a kid and I always wanted Honey Comb cereal.

  8. Steve Weber says:

    I love eating Honeycomb! I remember as a little kid watching cartoons and eating 2 bowls on Saturdays #honeycomb

  9. I like Honeycomb because the boxes are so big that they seem to last a long time. As a kid I always liked it because all the pieces would float, rather than having to spoon the bottom of the bowl looking for holdouts!!

  10. Julie Wood says:

    I remember eating Honeycomb’s when I was a kid with my sister and brother. We always wanted the box to look at and love the taste of this cereal.

  11. Julie Wood says:
  12. Julie Wood says:
  13. Julie Wood says:
  14. Julie Wood says:
  15. I remember 9am Sat mornings was Me, The Smurfs and some Honeycomb. And I liked for my honeycombs to get soft!

  16. I loved eating this cereal when I was a kid

  17. Cheryl B says:

    I ate #honeycomb cereal as a child and continue to eat it today.

  18. Cheryl B says:
  19. Diane Sabatini says:

    I loved this cereal as a kid and still today. It always looked like floating flowers in my milk as a kid. #honeycomb

  20. Diane Sabatini says:

    Shared on Twitter!

  21. I remember fighting with my sisters for cereal.

  22. shelly peterson says:

    cshell090869 at aol dot com

  23. shelly peterson says:
  24. shelly peterson says:

    cshell090869 at aol dot com

  25. I remember buying this cereal for my daughter when she was younger. #honeycomb was her favorite to eat before school.

  26. Julie Wood says:
  27. Julie Wood says:
  28. Julie Wood says:
  29. Julie Wood says:
  30. I definitely remember eating this cereal as a kid and loving the toys inside!

  31. I remember having this cereal as a kid, but we didn’t have it on hand all the time, it was more of a special treat. I remember seeing the commercials on tv that would come on while I was watching shows with my big brother.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

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  36. Susan Smith says:

    I remember eating #honeycomb cereal as a child and watching cartoons.

  37. Susan Smith says:
  38. Susan Smith says:
  39. Susan Smith says:
  40. My mom use to buy Honeycomb cereal when I was a kid and I loved it. I haven’t had it in years…but it’s on my shopping list for the next time I go to the store.
    Thank you!

  41. shelly peterson says:
  42. shelly peterson says:
  43. shelly peterson says:
  44. Julie Wood says:
  45. Julie Wood says:
  46. Julie Wood says:
  47. Julie Wood says:
  48. lisa brown says:
  49. lisa brown says:
  50. lisa brown says:
  51. lisa brown says:
  52. lisa brown says:
  53. mami2jcn says:

    I remember having this cereal at my friend’s house when I would sleepover.

  54. mami2jcn says:

    shared on Facebook–

  55. lisa brown says:
  56. I love eating this cereal it tastes so good and fills me up in the morning.

  57. shelly peterson says:
  58. shelly peterson says:
  59. shelly peterson says:
  60. Julie Wood says:
  61. Julie Wood says:
  62. Julie Wood says:
  63. Julie Wood says:
  64. I memory I have is having this for breakfast as a young child! 🙂

  65. Susan Christy says:

    My parents had the 45 record of Jimmie Rodgers song “Honeycomb” and I knew all the words.

    I remember being scolded for singing that song at the breakfast table when I had a mouthful of Honeycomb cereal.

  66. I remember the Honeycomb commercial with the jingle “Honeycomb’s got a big honey taste”, in the 80s. #honeycomb

  67. shelly peterson says:
  68. shelly peterson says:
  69. shelly peterson says:
  70. Julie Wood says:
  71. Julie Wood says:
  72. Julie Wood says:
  73. Julie Wood says:
  74. Dana Rodriguez says:

    It makes a great snack! #honeycomb

  75. Dana Rodriguez says:
  76. Dana Rodriguez says:
  77. Dana Rodriguez says:
  78. shelly peterson says:
  79. shelly peterson says:
  80. shelly peterson says:
  81. Julie Wood says:
  82. Julie Wood says:
  83. Julie Wood says:
  84. Julie Wood says:
  85. Neiddy Ruiz says:

    tweet –
    thanks for the chance to win!

  86. Dana Rodriguez says:
  87. Dana Rodriguez says:
  88. Dana Rodriguez says:
  89. Dana Rodriguez says:
  90. shelly peterson says:
  91. shelly peterson says:
  92. shelly peterson says:
  93. Julie Wood says:
  94. Julie Wood says:
  95. Julie Wood says:
  96. Julie Wood says:
  97. Melissa Storms says:

    My brother and I used to eat Honeycomb dry sitting in front of the tv. I used to love it and haven’t had it in a really, really long time.

  98. shelly peterson says:
  99. shelly peterson says:
  100. shelly peterson says:
  101. Julie Wood says:
  102. Julie Wood says:
  103. Julie Wood says:
  104. Julie Wood says:
  105. We never had this at my house, but I remember eating it at my cousin’s house, and taking baggies of it along in the car.

  106. I remember eating it with my sister when we were little.

  107. shelly peterson says:
  108. shelly peterson says:
  109. shelly peterson says:
  110. Julie Wood says:
  111. Julie Wood says:
  112. Julie Wood says:
  113. Julie Wood says:
  114. Neiddy Ruiz says:
  115. Dana Rodriguez says:
  116. Dana Rodriguez says:
  117. Dana Rodriguez says:
  118. shelly peterson says:
  119. shelly peterson says:
  120. shelly peterson says:
  121. Julie Wood says:
  122. Julie Wood says:
  123. Julie Wood says:
  124. Julie Wood says:
  125. Dana Rodriguez says:
  126. Dana Rodriguez says:
  127. Dana Rodriguez says:
  128. shelly peterson says:
  129. shelly peterson says:
  130. shelly peterson says:
  131. Julie Wood says:
  132. Julie Wood says:
  133. Julie Wood says:
  134. Julie Wood says:
  135. Julie Cutshaw says:

    Hi Priscilla, such a pretty name. I’m old school so I grew up with this yummy breakfast cereal and my grand kids now also love the #honeycomb cereal. It’s like no other and enjoyed in other ways besides in cold milk. I like making snack bars with it adding honey and almonds. Great review and I enjoy following your email news letter with all it’s interesting updates and more.

  136. Dana Rodriguez says:
  137. Dana Rodriguez says:
  138. Dana Rodriguez says:
  139. shelly peterson says:
  140. shelly peterson says:
  141. shelly peterson says:
  142. Julie Wood says:
  143. Julie Wood says:
  144. Julie Wood says:
  145. Julie Wood says:
  146. Dana Rodriguez says:
  147. Dana Rodriguez says:
  148. Dana Rodriguez says:
  149. shelly peterson says:
  150. shelly peterson says:
  151. shelly peterson says:
  152. Julie Wood says:
  153. Julie Wood says:
  154. Julie Wood says:
  155. Julie Wood says:
  156. shelly peterson says:
  157. shelly peterson says:
  158. shelly peterson says:

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