Be Prepared Before an Accident Occurs 

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Don’t Let a Slippery Road Throw Your Family Off Track:  Be Prepared Before an Accident Occurs 

Slippery roads can be a nuisance for any driver, as they can so quickly cause you to get into an accident, even when you’re driving cautiously and paying attention to the rules of the road. When driving, you want your family to be as safe as possible, which is why it’s highly recommended that you follow some of these tips on how to be prepared before an accident occurs. 


Replace Your Wiper Blades 

The first thing you’re going to want to do to make sure that your next drive on wet roads is safe is to consider replacing your wiper blades. The strips of rubber will degrade and deteriorate quickly during the hot summer weather, so there’s a good possibility that your wiper blades aren’t in great condition. If they don’t clear all of the rain away when switched on, you should consider replacing them.  


New wiper blades only cost anywhere from $15-40 in most situations and are very easy to install, so there’s no reason to delay doing so. The right and left blades are typically different lengths, so take that into account before purchasing some. You might also want to consider using washer fluid as opposed to standard water with your windshield wipers. 


Check Tire Tread and Replace Tires if Necessary 

When you’re driving on wet roads, some of the most important elements towards keeping you from getting into an accident are your tires. Your tire tread needs to be in good condition. If it appears in any way to be weathered and worn down, it’s time to consider replacing your tires, as water being filtered properly through the tread of your tires is absolutely essential towards avoiding hydroplaning. A professional car mechanic will be able to identify if the tire tread is in good condition. 


Always Run the Defroster 

When you’re driving, it’s essential that you run the defroster if and when it’s raining. Not only will this keep your windshield from becoming glazed over with moisture, it also keeps moisture off of the rest of your windows, which is important when you want to be aware of the traffic around you.  


Consider Getting New Bulbs 

When it rains, Wisconsin requires drivers to turn on their headlights. These inclement conditions can also make it difficult for other drivers to see taillights, especially if they’ve become faded and aren’t as strong as they once were, an issue that could lead to an accident if you’re not careful. In order to be seen by other drivers, you’ll want to turn on the full light system within your vehicle, so they need to work properly. If they no longer shine as bright as they should or simply don’t work, consider getting them replaced before driving in wet conditions. 


Slow Down Gradually When Driving 


To reduce the possibility of hydroplaning, it’s important that you slow down gradually when driving. Your tires need to displace a substantial amount of water each second in order for them to stick to the road, so braking abruptly or turning sharply can cause you to hydroplane and crash. You should also consider driving within the tracks of any vehicle in front of yours, as there will be less water underneath your tires. 


Now that you’re aware of what it takes to be prepared before setting out on slippery roads, you’ll heighten your chances of avoiding an accident and keeping your family safe. If ever you get into an accident, we have dedicated personal injury lawyers who can serve your needs, so don’t hesitate to contact us immediately. 


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