4 Myths to getting your car window replaced

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4 Myths to getting your car window replaced

Car window breakages can be caused by a variety of reasons. A tree branch could mysteriously fall on your vehicle and break a window. Vandals could suddenly hurl destructive objects onto your car and break some windows in the process. But rather than bury your head in the sand, it’s important to take prompt action by getting your shattered car windows replaced.

There are numerous car repair stores that promise to offer you unparalleled services. However, only a handful actually live up to their word. Check out https://www.glass.net/ if you desire to get quick, hassle-free window repair services.

Here are 4 myths you shouldn’t believe about getting your car window replaced:

  • It takes ages and costs a fortune

If you have a valid auto insurance cover (as is required in most governments) paying for your car window replacement becomes a piece of cake. Most car insurance policies cater for the entire cost of repairing or replacing car windshields. If your cover doesn’t cater for this, you can reach an agreement with the car repair store. In addition, window replacements don’t take ages – 24 hours at the most.

  • Don’t fret about the minuscule chips

If you look around the internet, many self-proclaimed “car doctors” claim that you needn’t worry about the tiny chips that result from shattering your car window. They say that the chips can’t cause further damage if left unattended. However, glass repair experts disagree with this sentiment. Over time, those small cracks and chips in your window can grow to create a huge, webbed feature all over your car window. This creates a bigger problem in the long run. Instead of risking it, seek advice from a trained car specialist on whether to get your shattered window replaced or repaired.

  • DIY car window fixes are quicker and cheaper

Some stores encourage car owners to buy home repair kits for their car windows. These kits are meant to fix window cracks and chips without requiring to seek auto repair services. While this might seem like a faster, inexpensive option up front, the issue is never really fixed permanently. You end up paying more money for window repair in the long run. The best way to guarantee that your shattered car window is repaired properly is by taking it to a car professional. After all, cheap is expensive in the long run.

  • Insurance rates on your car will skyrocket

Some motorists worry that their car insurance companies will hike their monthly/yearly cover amounts when they get their broken car windows replaced. Fortunately, this isn’t the case. Minor car window cracks and chips are fully covered by insurance companies. To put your mind at ease, seek clarification from your insurance agent before having your car window fixed. The agent will explain in clear details the kind of damages covered by your insurance cover, and whether getting your shattered window replaced will cause your rates to increase.

Remember, a stitch in time saves nine. The sooner you get your broken car window replaced, the better.


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