Bed Too Hot or Too Cold? 6 Bedroom Mattress Hacks 

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Bed Too Hot or Too Cold? 6 Bedroom Mattress Hacks 


Science tells us that sleeping in a bed that’s too hot or too cold will ruin our chances at a good night rest. I remember having many nights when I didn’t sleep well at all because I was feeling uncomfortable, I was sweating, and I kept turning and tossing in my bed. Now I know why that happened: my body temperature was messed up. After thorough research, I found out that sleeping too hot (or too cold, for that matter) leads to sleeping disorders, which can cause several health issues.  




I wanted to know what to do to avoid losing sleep again, so I’ve learned that mattresses play a vital role in maintaining the perfect temperature for the body to get a good rest. Thus, I discovered a few essential things we can all do to keep our bedroom mattresses at the ideal sleep temperature. Here are a few solutions you may consider beneficial, especially since the holidays are coming and you can buy yourself a useful gift to address this issue: 


Mattress pads or foam toppers  


If your bed is too cold, try the heated mattress pads: they do an excellent job warming your body and the mattress surface as well. Memory foam toppers are another great option because they provide warmth especially on water beds that feel too nippy.  





Water mattresses are great, but they tend to keep the climate cool. Use a waterbed heater to attain the suitable temperature if you feel it’s too chilly for you to slumber on it. But waterbeds are an excellent choice if you need a colder surface to sleep on it, mainly in the summer.  




Natural fabrics 


When your bed is too hot, you can try switching to 100% cotton or bamboo sheets or using delicate covers made of natural, breathable fibers. Another thing you can do is choose a mattress type to provide a cooler environment: innerspring without foam padding or plant-based memory foam. Natural fabrics are the right decision for any preferences: go for silk or wool mattress pads, covers or toppers – they will keep you fresh in the summer and warm in the winter. 


Smart technology 


Let’s suppose that the preferences of your partner don’t match yours when it comes to bed temperature. The perfect compromise would be to get a smart mattress which can heat and cool the mattress two sleeping sides at the same time. This temperature regulating technology is growing more and more popular, according to trymattress – high-quality mattresses and luxury products rely on this feature to attract more customers.  


Cooling topper 


Not in the market for a new mattress right now? That’s ok; you can just get a cooling mattress topper. This product is made from gel-infused memory foam and can take in the body heat and distribute it equitably while you sleep. Plus, the ventilation holes in the foam allow airflow.   


Clever protection 


A cooling mattress protector is a gadget initially developed for NASA. The smart mattress cover contains a waterproof base, one layer of thermo-regulator fabric and a breathable cotton top. Thus, it can absorb excess body heat during the night, to store and then release it when necessary, providing you the best temperature for a peaceful sleep. 












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