Easy Ways To Eat More Humane

For as long as I can remember I’ve owned animals. My very first dog, Bebe was my best friend in high school. I can remember when she got super sick, I used alll my money to get her to the vet and the nursed her back to health.

As an adult, the adopt don’t shop movement is very, very important to me. We live in Lancaster which is puppy mill country so I often donate my time to our local rescue.

This winter, after watching a news story about abused farm animals, I decided I really wanted to help them! But helping farm animals isn’t super easy. I can’t adopt all the abused pigs, even though I would love to! The ASPCA is concerned with the welfare of farm animals as well.Here are super simple ways to become a more aware and welfare-conscious consumer when shopping for your family’s groceries.

Eat Seasonally – Eating foods in season means that you’re able to buy from a more local economy and avoid having your food ship from other countries. This means fresher foods picked at peak ripeness too!

Shop Locally – CSA’s and local farmers’ markets help support local, often smaller scale, farmers and ranchers who are producing outside of the traditional factory-farm system. If you aren’t sure where to start, visit your local farmers’ market and start asking some question – this guide will get you started.

Be Careful to Minimize Waste – One of the ways we can treat the animals used for food respectfully and humanely is by making the most of the food we purchase. Purchase only what you know you’ll use and serve the right sized portions to avoid wasting what your family buys.

Look for Certifications That Mean Something – Unlike marketing gimmicks there are certain certifications and awards that have true meaning. For example the USDA  Organic label shows that the produce grown (or fed to the animal) didn’t use banned pesticides. Others include Animal Welfare Approved or Certified Humane

Find more resources for savvy shoppers at the ASCPA Shop With Your Heart website! https://www.aspca.org/shopwithyourheart/consumer-resources

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