Make Your Bed Like a Hotel Bed

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Coming back from a trip and already missing the fluffy, cloudy hotel beds? What if we told you its not that difficult a task and you can do it yourself at home too? It is not just the high quality stuff that 5 star hotels use, but the techniques they apply to make your experience a luxurious one. If you want an easy way out, you can simply purchase signature hotel sheets, comforters and down pillows.

Then again, every little luxury comes at a price. However, you don’t necessarily need to purchase hotel bedding items and can always find cheaper alternatives readily available in the market.

1. A Plushy Mattress is a Must

Nothing better than coming home and jumping on a mattress that hugs you back. Mattresses range from relatively simpler spring and memory foams to complex technology such as adjustable base mattresses, cooling gel/pad mattresses etc. Purchase a mattress that contours to your body weight and aligns according to your spinal structure. The mattress should neither be too firm nor too soft for you to sink in. A cozy mattress is the essence of a luxury bedroom.

Buy a mattress with cooling technology, like Purple mattress, so you don’t feel all boiled up under the covers. If you’re looking for a low budget option, then you can find plenty. Reducing the mattress size can also save you costs without compromising on the quality.

2. Lots of Cozy Pillows

What gives the hotel beds their luxe is the types of pillows used in 5 star luxury hotels. Usually you will find three to four pillows on hotel beds. What you need is remember is that those are fresh fillings that give you maximum loft as you lay your head on them. Down pillows are the softest pillows commercially available with un-matchable quality. However there are other hypoallergenic options as well, which are relatively cheaper but need to be replaced more often since they won’t last long.

3. Paint it All White

One key rule to follow when making hotel like beds is to go for all white sheets. White sheets is something hotels never experiment with. The quality, luxe and grandeur white sheets have to offer has no match. Whether its the pillows, sheets or duvets, get white covers for all.

Not only do they appear and feel clean, they’re easier to wash and go with every other bedroom/washroom accessory, be it your towels or washroom slippers. Lastly, you can easily find duvet and pillow covers to match the sheets with.

4. Use a Feather Bed

This can be an add-on or an inexpensive option for those of you who are not up for replacing their current mattress. A feather bed is a mattress pad that acts as a mattress cover and is soft as a feather to feel (literally!). Even if you don’t have a super bouncy and cozy mattress, a feather bed is bound to give you a luxurious feel and fur like feel as you close your eyes.

5. Follow the Sheet Rules

If you want the perfect hotel bed, you need to eliminate the fitted sheet from your bedding essentials. Hotel beds use flat sheets to make hospital corners instead of using fitted sheets. This gives the sheet a wrinkle free and smooth appearance. Not only that, but it enhances your sleep experience since it has a loose feel to it, contrary to the tight and stretched feel fitted sheets give. If however, if you do want a fitted sheet to protect the mattress, it is advisable to use a flat sheet on top of that.

Lastly, no hotel bed is complete without a cozy comforter. If nothing else, then purchase a down duvet insert that considerably improves your sleep experience and makes you feel like sleeping on a cloud.


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