A Beginner’s Guide to Detailing Your Ride

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A Beginner’s Guide to Detailing Your Ride

A car wash will remove dirt on the outside of your car, but with car detailing, the cleaning process is taken further to give the car a kind of rejuvenation. The detailing process takes care of a few things including buffing, polishing, and vacuuming out dirt in the interior. This is one of the ways to preserve the value of the car because it focuses on the tiniest details and offers protection for every part of the vehicle. If you would like to know how to detail your car, here is a comprehensive guideline to get you started.

Interior car detailing

You need to ensure the interior of the car is cleaned and all dirt and dust removed. This process includes shampooing and vacuuming the interior to get rid of dirt and stains. For plastic and vinyl parts, use plastic restorer to clean them. You can also check out some dashboard cleaning products in your local auto supply store. Once you are through with this, make sure to clean and polish the glass inside the car.

Exterior car detailing

The exterior detailing process includes a top-to-bottom wash that helps to remove dirt. Cleaning technicians often use foam cannons because when the soap foams it also lifts mud and dirt off the surface.

There are few steps followed for exterior detailing:

Conventional wash.

The first step includes rinsing to remove all pesky particles on the body of the car. After this process you then proceed to use shampoo, which you can buy from your local auto supply store. While washing, use a nanofiber mitt that will not leave scratches on the coat of the car. Rinse all the shampoo with clear water.

Waterless wash.

This is an amazing process that can be done with soft and absorbent towels. Wipe the car after applying the chemical spray and do this carefully to avoid damaging the paint.

Protecting the paint.

You also need to apply a paint protectant to shield the paint against getting scratches. For more ideas about this, you can check out https://midcoast-customs.com to know the best products to choose while detailing.

Apply wax.

To further block outside threats from reaching paint, you should apply wax. Apply on every panel until the car is covered fully. This should also be done gently to prevent damage to the paint. When applied well, a good coat of wax will keep the car off the car wash for some months.


Besides waxing and other processes to enhance the visual appeal of the car’s body, you can also apply a layer of ceramic or nano coating. This blends with the paint to offer permanent protection that improves protection. The coat is usually water repellent and will make your carless prone to getting stains.

Restoring your car takes a few steps and detailing is one of those processes that will help you to improve its aesthetics. You don’t need to have complex equipment to do this because you can buy some items from your local auto supplies store and get the process completed. Make sure to be gentle especially while detailing the exterior to prevent scratching the car.


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