9 Corporate Activities That Will Not Bore People to Death

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9 Corporate Activities That Will Not Bore Your Team to Death

As a manager, if you are organising a business event, you might be worried about the fact that your event could be slightly dull. You must always try innovating with your team event to keep the boredom out.

It is high time that you do away with those those traditional ways of team building activities as they are now very generic and repetitive. In order to host a great corporate event, you must make an effort, so that your team also recognises it.

Once you have the necessary things under your control, you can try involving the following ways in your planning.

An Amazing Start – Icebreakers, if done right, can have a lasting impact on your entire event. Invest your time in a well-thought icebreaker that will initiate the event. A hearty laugh is all you need. If you are hiring professionals for the job, let them know that you are looking for a fantastic start. Kickstart your event with a bang and do not allow boredom to creep in.

Novelty – A great idea here would be to involve great food. Food is something that is liked by all and it can be a great conversation starter. You can also add an innovative international cuisine that will give everyone on the table something to talk about. Everyone loves food, and it is one thing that will definitely help you break the ice.

Guest Teacher – Hiring a guest instructor is a great idea to bring some fun to your event. The expert can teach the team about some quirky yet helpful skills. For example, you can hire a specialist in kayaking or a yoga expert. Such elements will not allow boredom to creep in. After all, who doesn’t love some water sports!?

Stand-up Comedian – Well having a stand-up comedian is one of the best ways to make your event a success. Not only will the comedian help in avoiding boredom; they will also uplift everyone’s mood. If you hire a comedian who has experience of performing for corporates, then there is nothing like it.

Roast Master – Well take up this activity at your own risk! Hiring a roast master is a unique thing that you can include in your corporate event. This activity can be enjoyable. However, you have to make sure that everyone takes it in the right way and the jokes are not personally hurting!

Magician – Magic is always fascinating. People of all ages love it and hiring a professional illusionist for your corporate event can turn the tide for a boring event. You can go for a full stage show or just a group of street magicians, who are strolling around providing close up magical experiences. Your teams would definitely be looking forward to this.

Live Music – If you are handling your corporate event inside a hall then live music is a must! You can hire a cover band who will simply play the best music tracks and please all the crowd members. The band can even take requests, which would be great for keeping the crowd engaged.

Celebrity Impersonator – There are a lot of people who like to impersonate celebrities. There is always something new that could be done with this activity. You can also include people from your own team to get onto the stage and perform their favourite impressions. This activity will certainly bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Hypnotist – Finally, this particular activity is something that will not only help the people to enjoy a lot but will also keep them talking about it for weeks! You can hire a professional to engage the crowd and perform hypnotism on one of your teammates. Seeing them in a state of hypnosis is guaranteed to keep your guests intrigued.


If reading about these ideas has got you excited, think about the impact on everyone when they will see it live! It won’t be a bad idea to take in a few inputs from your team members as well.

You must plan the activities in such a way that your team feels the excitement, and is motivated to participate. You can also mould these activities and give them a personal touch, specific to your company or team members.


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