Oreo Truffles Instant Sugar Rush

I received no compensation for this post, it was just for fun! Let me tell you about my mom energy kick secret. I found a great recipe on the internet that only needed three ingredients. Includes all my favorite treats too. It calls for chocolate, oreos, and cream cheese. I love all those so I thought I would like this one bite sugar rush. Keep Reading for more pictures and the know how! You start out with bag of oreos. Man is it hard to ... ...continue reading

Cozy up at Panera Bread

           Fall is just about here. We all love to start wearing boots and drinking Seasonal Flavored coffees. Another thing I love about Fall (well anytime of year) is Panera Bread. I love coming in on chilly days and enjoying either some french onion or cheddar broccoli, in a bread bowl is the only way I eat my soup! My local Paner a Bread is also great in customer service. We were treated very well and even had a worker offer to take our dirty ... ...continue reading